Suicide Squad – Possible plot, Amanda Waller and meaning for Captain Boomerang


It has not been a month since the cast for DC’s much anticipated Suicide Squad was announced, the final in that list being Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, the government executive in charge of putting the Squad together. The casting decision was received with great cheer, with Will Smith (Deadshot), Tom Hardy (Rick Flag), Jared Leto (Joker), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress) and Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang) set to be the most powerful cast for any comic-book movie yet.

First off, casting Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is another brilliant decision by DC, opting to go for the more intimidating presence that is Waller rather than the lean and sexy iterations of the character as portrayed in recent iterations. The former version had a persona of her own, a dominating character that can even stand its own against Batman, and in fact has once successfully threatened Batman. And by successful I mean that it didn’t end with her body twisted into a pretzel.


While the revelation of the people filling the shoes of the infamous villain team was met with applause and awe, one of the more underwhelming choices that in turn led fans into heated discussion was that of Captain Boomerang, to be played by Jai Courtney.


But things are not always quite what they seem to be. In a recent post on Reddit, a fan revealed that he was supposedly called in as a test audience for the plot summary for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. This is not rare as directors often test the waters by providing a plot summary to fans well-versed with source material, to gauge reactions. The fan in question here stated that he was first asked a series of questions to test his knowledge of the Suicide Squad as portrayed in all its iterations in DC Comics, especially the New 52 story-arcs. There were seemingly a considerable number of questions about the character of Harley Quinn, which could possibly mean that she will act as the protagonist.


The important points in the brief plot provided to them are these:

  • The main relationship explored through the story is that of Harley Quinn and her “Puddin’” a.k.a, the Joker. It seems the intense and strange affair between the two that we first saw in the episode Mad Love of Batman: The Animated Series has seen better days, as Harley is estranged from the Joker at this point.puddin
  • The purported mission for the titular task force will also be connected to the Joker, being to find and deploy the bombs that the clown has planted around the city of Gotham. This is also the reason why the lunatic Quinn is chosen to play a part in the Squad, as she knows the Joker better than anyone else, and would have valuable knowledge as to the finding of the bombs.
  • As always, the Joker’s plans (or lack thereof) are not easily foiled. He has a more devious scheme which involves the Suicide Squad, and they end up being pawns. Harley betrays the team at some point for her mad lover.harjoross
  • Deathstroke is also in the movie, apparently, and he is Amanda Waller’s personal bodyguard. He is inserted by her into the Squad to keep a check on the team’s activities. He will possibly serve the same purpose as the bombs implanted in the members’ brains to prevent them from escaping.dsgames
  • With regard to theme, Ayer and his team are going for a time-based intense action-thriller, inspired by the likes of Speed (1994).speed
  • They were also shown concept art for Deathstroke, which the Reddit user claims to be the best he has ever seen. [Even better than the one below? Wow.]thisconcept

Now there are quite a few interesting lines in there. But perhaps some are more curious than others. First, that Deathstroke is Amanda Waller’s bodyguard who is secretly placed in the team to monitor their activities. This seems strange since Tom Hardy’s character Rick Flag is a government agent (not a villain as mistaken by many) who leads the Squad and carries out the job of monitoring and keeping checks. If such a character is already present, I see no reason for a second, Deathstroke, to be played by Waller. Or is there?

Among the Squad members, some are well-known, while others, not so much. Captain Boomerang is one such who cannot be called a known comic character, in spite of being a recurring member of the Squad in the comics. More so, it seems weird that a boomerang-wielding Australian with bad sideburns (pictured below) and donning what looks like an air-hostess outfit is chosen alongside a gunman who never misses his shot, a government agent and a frigging sorceress. I know that there is precedent for this in the comics, but going by the gritty shades in which the DC Cinematic Universe is painting its characters; this seems more than a little inappropriate.


Now, hear me out: What if Cap. Boomerang is only a pseudonym used by the government, specifically Waller, to provide an extra check on the vile bunch of cons? There is no real Boomerang, it is secretly Deathstroke, Waller’s trusted bodyguard who is slyly hidden among the Squad members as a con. This could end up being a brilliant twist for the movie to play out, and I personally would laud them, as I am not particularly fond of Captain Boomerang. As a bonus, since this means that at some point Deathstroke will have to take down the Squad members, we could potentially be looking at a legendary Deathstroke v Deadshot face-off. I know this might enrage some hardcore fans, but then again, how many people can call themselves fans of Cap Boomerang?


This could totally turn the tables on the oblivious members of the Squad, who will inevitably make an attempt to escape their metaphorical leashes while on the field. Well, all except for Harley of course, who is speculated to betray the Squad and join forces with the Joker, as always was planned. The Joker wins in the end (would we have it any other way?) and this could possibly lead to the solo Batman movie, with the government giving way to the hard realization that the only one who can take on the Joker is the Dark Knight.


Now that is how you do a kickass Suicide Squad movie.

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