Fantastic Four – A restoration of faith

So the new Fantastic Four trailer is here! Huh.

When Fox announced that they would be rebooting their Fantastic Four franchise, I was quite skeptical to the point of even utter lack of faith in the film. And I’m sure, even though this is a movie about Marvel comics’ first superhero team-up, that this movie did not even appear in most people’s most anticipated for the year list. Well, now the trailer is out, and well, watch it for yourself and see. For now, it’s suffice to say that my faith has been restored in this despite every prior on-screen incarnation of the Four being disastrous. Who knows? Maybe this is an age of heroes.

The cinematography and visuals were the first things to strike me as extraordinary, something special; not the monotonous dazzle of colors that is the staple of every generic action movie these days. Another stark deviation from the standard is the tone that the trailer displays, and perhaps will be the tone of the movie as well. It sounds much more serious, and less campy than the first outings by Marvel and Fox. The final shots also indicate a threat of ‘galactic’ proportions (Ha-ha.)  which at the same time does not seem laughable. All of this, in addition to the cast all of whom have had brilliant performances in recent works (Miles Teller in Whiplash, Kate Mara in House of Cards, Michael B Jordan in Fruitvale Station, and Jamie Bell in Snowpiercer), do seem to shine a ray of hope for the first family of the Marvel universe.


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