Aquaman is unleashed – First official image of Jason Mamoa as the King of Atlantis!

He’s here, he’s not orange-green and it looks like he’s pissed. The casting rumors were circulated since the possibility of the Justice League came up and a few months ago, we received confirmation that Jason Mamoa A.K.A Khal Drogo himself would be playing the one who warms the throne of Atlantis and rules over the seas. Today, Zack Snyder released, in keeping with tradition, our first peek at Mamoa in full Aqua-armor. Here it is:


The official image also comes along with the slogan reading ‘Unite the Seven’. This could either be alluding to the fact that Aquaman commands control over all the seven oceans on Earth, and therefore functioning as a clarion-call to unite the forces of all of them. It could also be a hint toward the inevitable formation of the Justice League, which in most iterations has seven members in its ranks. These 7 under Snyder include Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Mamoa), the Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Green Lantern (unknown).

Snyder has always been known for his affinity toward releasing important images and news from his production via his own Twitter ID, which has consistently remained the hot pot for film news, comic-book and otherwise. Hell, it’s the only reason I check in on my blue-bird. This internet-breaking image has come in the same fashion as the first pictures of the Batmobile and the Dark Knight himself – out of nowhere and when no one was expecting anything. This also served much-needed fodder to people like me who thrive on such tidbits of movie-related news, which I have to say, has been dry since the Spiderman announcement. It is also Snyder’s answer to all Aquaman jokes that have been uttered, such as these gems:



While I do enjoy a good Aquaman joke now and then, he definitely is not deserving of the sheer amount of mockery that goes his way. Hopefully, Mamoa and Snyder can change all that. In fact, Snyder, during production for Dawn of Justice reportedly called into a radio station to defend the character and the immense potential within him, including his capability to go toe-to-toe with even Superman. Things seem to be working out the right way. The renaissance for Aquaman started with the New 52 series of DC Comics helmed by Geoff Johns, who has since attained popularity as the one who was able to make Aquaman cool. And such a redemption as he executed in the comic-arc Throne of Atlantis was revolutionary and also took on all of the King’s haters.


tumblr_ls5v6aYcEH1qc9wc7Snyder released this image with the comment “There is only one true King. #unitetheseven” just this morning, and my first reaction was definitely ‘awesome’. Indeed, there is no other way to describe this picture, as I’m sure is the case with everyone else, since this Aquaman looks like he would rip your throat out and impale you on his trident if you instigate him with Aquaman jokes. It is clear that Snyder has stuck true to his vision, of realizing a beastly and yet regal Aquaman that steers away from the straight blonde look of the golden ages to adopt the bearded grumpy king with an attitude issue from recent years. And that is definitely the best direction for DC’s cinematic Aquaman. It is obvious to any that the one character, if any, that urgently required a confidence and popularity boost in the ranks of the Justice League was Aquaman, whose powers which include the ability to speak to marine life has been the butt of many a joke since pop culture and jokes came into existence. This one image does volumes in the right direction, to silence all such preconceptions and give us a fresh new look at the aquatic warrior, one we have never witnessed before.

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