Batman v Superman: High definition trailer and a reply to concerns

Well, after so many teases and waiting on our part, the fans of DC and of superheroes everywhere have finally been rewarded with the high definition, full-length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, perhaps the most anticipated comicbook-related cinematic event ever.

Yes, this means it’s time to let go of that blurry, leaked and Spanish-subtitled brother we got yesterday. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I wish I had seen this superior version at first, but I can’t remember the last time mankind got one up over curiosity. While that wildfire-like leak messed with Warner Bros’ marketing plans, it would be criminal to say our excitement for the film has been reduced to any extent.

Without much ado, I am proud to present here the trailer for Dawn of Justice:

Adding to what I’ve said before, it seems pretty much confirmed that the line about ‘devils from the sky’ definitely comes from Lex’s mouth. In addition to this, it is speculated that the other voices narrating come from Jeremy Iron’s Alfred, Holly Hunter’s character and possibly Neil deGrasse Tyson?


Also, on closer notice, there are several references to graphic novels that this film could potentially be inspired by,the most striking being the image of a god-like benevolent Superman in the sky from Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. Such obligatory shots Snyder is famous for, always staying true to the source material to the frame. This makes sense, since the major contemplation of the movie, from the looks of the trailer, seems to be the debate over the icon that is Superman, whether so much power should go flying about in the skies unchecked. It is probably in response to these outcries that the Dark Knight decides to test the Man of Steel’s mettle and see how far he can be pushed and still stay in control. There is also a strange allusion to the possible use of Batman as a villain in this feature, with the seething face of Bruce Wayne being focused on accompanied by eerie music and Alfred’s words: “A fever….the rage…the sense of powerlessness that turns good men cruel”.  When the shot following this is the scowling face of the cowl, it could very well mean that a deranged Bruce Wayne is being taunted by his alter-ego, which is extremely interesting and nods to The Dark Knight Returns, as does the images of Batman standing atop a building holding what appears to be a rifle. But perhaps the most important takeaway from this teaser is the similarities drawn between Superman and God, prosecuted for his unchecked power, a divergent look at the deity last chaneled in The Passion of the Christ. The monument erected in his name, the shot of him hovering up above and away from reaching hands all allude to Kal’s distancing and detachment from human society, looking down at the mortals with his palms in the heavens. He also seems to have gathered very many followers as people reach out to touch him, and entire militia being formed for him; the latter of which could be a cult in his name or an international task force to assist him, either of which hasn’t pleased the Son of Krypton.

Now, there have been many kinds of responses to this trailer already, and as expected, there is enough hate to go around. Most of us this seems to hail from Marvel diehard fanboys who consider the trailer to be too dark and bleak. Well how can they not, when their home ground is used to less of weighty situations and serious implications of public perception, and more of dance-offs and bright coloured stones as MacGuffins to set everything right or wrong. This isn’t my rant on Marvel, I do enjoy their quips and bright visuals from time to time, and that is deservedly the atmosphere in which resides their universe. DC on the other hand is more prone to more philosophical questions of public images, prosecution in front of the people, and the very question that is raised by Gods that walk among us. So such a dark and bleak atmosphere riddled with philosophical undertones is what best suits the DC universe and the heroes that reside within.

What I believe is each Universe should stay out of each other’s way, and let people choose what they want. No matter how much you try to deny it, many of us do prefer the cynical and graver look at things offered by DC. This is most important from a cinematic perspective as it offers as many choices as the audience requires in this day and age where superheroes have taken hold of the box office. This choice is what is crucial, as I would hate for all films to be either hilarious, one liner-filled 80s action types or serious and grim. What we need is a buffet where we can indulge different sensibilities in different places. And that’s how it should be.

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