‘You Will’ – Full-length trailer for Dawn of Justice leaked and it’s incredible.

Well it’s trailer season….ah screw it, I’m tired of coming up with new lines for the gargantuan number of trailers that have been exploding over the internet lately.

I did question posting the leaked trailer here at first, but since most would see it before the official, high-definition one is released, might as well get the hype rolling. So here you go, the leaked trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:


There are quite a few interesting things to note in this trailer:

  • It’s pretty incredible.
  • It starts off with very many voicing opinions of the Man of Steel, but the criticism and hate seem to outweigh the appreciation, as was expected. This confirms that Dawn of Justice will address all the hate and criticism from audiences of Man of Steel with regard to the destruction of Metropolis by casting the audience as the citizens of the world who seem to be evoking hate against Superman, the ‘False God’.
  • Could one of those voices questioning Superman – specifically the one saying in an eerie voice ‘We all know devils don’t come from hell. No, they come from the sky’ – belong to Jesse Eisenbergs’ Lex Luthor? Sounds suspiciously familiar.
  • There are factions on both parts, a monument like that in The Dark Knight Rises erected for the Man of Steel, as well as graffiti on the same reading ‘False God’. Supes also seems to have gathered some followers, as seen from an image of people seemingly reaching to touch him, eerily like worship, which might be what incited the comment on the statue.
  • That last one isn’t the only nod to Nolan’s trilogy: the image of Ben Affleck’s aged Batman standing atop a pointed building watching over the city is almost a mirror of the same in The Dark Knight Rises trailer.
  • Batman will be taking things into his own hands to test the Man of Steel for what he’s worth for reasons which are yet unknown. We also see glimpses of the Batcave for the first time, and the Batmobile in the midst of an airborne attack.
  • There is quite a creepy tone to the first images of Bruce Wayne, and accompanied by the words ‘a fever…a rage…a feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel’ raises the question: Could Batman be the villain for a part in this film? Deranged and weary (perhaps also added to by the death of Jason, the second Robin?), he could feel humanity threatened and helpless at the hands of a supergod. That could translate to some traumatic substance on screen for the Dark Knight, and for the audience who isn’t well used to the grizzlier and more wrecked versions of the Batman in the comics, especially from Frank Miller in his later, more insane years.
  • Ben Affleck’s voice while donning the cowl clearly uses some sort of modulating device, but is pretty spot-on in my opinion, steering away from the throat-destroying growls of Bale and from the matter-of-fact suave take on it by Clooney.
  • We also get images of both batsuits – the classic fabric-one, which I must reiterate stays so true to the comics; and the metallic armor that he dons to go up against the Kryptonian.
  • Again, the trailer is quite epic, doesn’t reveal too much – a refreshing feel in light of how Age of Ultron seems to be handing out the plot to the film in the countless amounts of preview footage – and hits the right note in garnering excitement for the event.
  • Tell me, do you bleed? You will.” Brilliant.

The trailer even in all its low-quality does get me incredibly hyped for the movie, as if having the two titans share screentime wasn’t enough. Let’s hope Snyder delivers a film that can live up to the hype and expectations of the people, but at the same time doesn’t blow his load and show us the entire movie in ‘sneak-peaks’ before 2016.

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