The first official image of the Joker – A more assembled idea.

The new age of comic-book based movies has also ushered in the eagle-eyes of the fanboys picking at and ranting on every tiny detail that does not mirror the exact same as in the comic source material. It seemed as if in answer to that, that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in all its teasers and trailers has stressed and driven home the fact that they are not straying away from Frank Miller’s magnum opus The Dark Knight Returns, hailed the best superhero graphic novel of all time. And running parallel to this 2016 bout was DC’s other flagship, Suicide Squad, and till yesterday, it seemed that Jared Leto’s incarnation of the Joker would also stick close to the one in the same graphic novel. Then this morning rolled around, and we have been thrown our first official look at the Joker by David Ayer, on this day 75 years after Mr. J was created.

And here it is:


Wow, if that doesn’t give your children and their children nightmares for eternity, I don’t know what will. Taking Coulrophobia to insane new heights, Jared Leto’s interpretation looks like the prison-gangster that you never want to run into, and looks even more unpredictable than Heath Ledger’s. Having to stare into those eyes alone skyrockets the respect we must have for Ben Affleck’s Batman, as from Jack Nicholson’s theatrical and Heath Ledger’s anarchic, we have arrived at Jared Leto’s murderously insane. This looks like a Joker that can laugh heartily through his metal rims while beating Jason Todd to death, and even mutilating himself for pleasure. All I hope is that he isn’t seen with the not-too-subtle body-art for the majority of the runtime. But what I really can’t take with this picture is the inscription reading ‘damaged’ across his forehead, which seems so in-your-face and sort of dumb actually. I really hope that is not permanent ink.

Now for those concerned over the way-too-edgy nature of this first image, and those wondering whether this Clown Prince is going to start rapping or appear tattooed throughout (I read many comments elucidating the image’s likeness to Lil’ Wayne) this peek at the voice of the new Joker should answer those queries.

Add to that this fairly grainy footage of the Joker in his quintessential suit laughing maniacally, which I can only provide the link to, and it all starts to make sense:

Leto’s Joker is going to retain theatricality and a certain command over people, the silver-tongued devil that he is. What this makes it appear to me is a hybrid between the Joker from The Killing Joke – perhaps the best Joker graphic novel ever – and Batman R.I.P, the one with the mutilating serpentine Joker who is creepy as all hell. 1488539-joker2Joker-Black-and-White

Now, until we get more from the Suicide Squad team, we’ll just have to wait with the hope that they get the best of the two.

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