Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer – It’s calling to you, just let it in.

If you are/were ever a fan of Star Wars, I can assure you that this will help you find the way back. So the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens rolled around yesterday, and it is only now that I get time to sit down and talk about it. While one of the reasons is the busy schedule I’m on right now, but the more pressing reason I think, was that I couldn’t keep my eyes off this one. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, there’s really no point in pushing this any further:

J J Abrams is the master of blockbuster trailers, that’s one of the only absolutes I can say after having watched this video, which somehow manages to pack so much meat into the time frame of less than two-and-a-half minutes while yielding close to nothing in terms of the plot. The very first thing that cannot be left unsaid is the crisp and glossy cinematography that makes the film a far more cinematic affair than could have been imagined. Of course, you can notice the Abrams-isms like the countless lens flares and tracking action shots if you’re keen enough, but this looks massively different from anything else from this director. While this is mostly due to the tone instilled by the trailer, I must stand up and applaud the incredible effort taken to translate the emotion of the original trilogy into a new landscape which only shows three of its original characters. We see an aged Han and Leia locked in consolation, as the young-uns go about the galaxy as their battlefield, from immaculate shots of the X-wing fighters to the oh-so-glorious shot of the Millenium Falcon tearing through hyperspace. What begins with the contemplative loneliness of the ‘nobody’ that is Rey – Daisy Ripley’s charater – the film shifts effortlessly, as more characters appear, to draw the same sense of camaraderie that was present between Jedi, rebel pilot, android and bounty-hunter, something terribly missed from the prequels. The number of shots in this trailer that remind us of Star Wars with no actual locations from the originals are something special, achieved only through the right application of the overflowing Star Wars canon. We see an enigmatic Kylo Ren talk about finishing what Vader started, a listless Finn who seeks something to fight for, and Rey, who’s clearly looking to the skies for something of purpose. But little in this trailer can match the nostalgic euphoria of Rey saying ‘there are stories about what happened’, only to get Han’s reply that ‘It’s true, all of it’, as the new score follows the Millenium Falcon into the galaxy. I find myself pleasantly handicapped in speculating what could happen in this film, as the trailer strings together some of the best set-pieces and lines just enough to get us going, and still nowhere close to blowing its load. Helped to no small extent by the maestro John  Williams – the man responsible for almost all the nostalgic soundtracks of our day – the final trailer for The Force Awakens only finds me waiting eagerly on this day for Marty McFly’s Delorean: only so I can catapult myself to Christmas, when a lot of us will sit down for our first Star Wars theater experience.

And here we have the two posters, for this film that exudes a sense of purpose more than ever before:



The only question is: what do we do till December 18?

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