‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer – Tony v Steve

So today Marvel dropped something out of left field, especially when fans all over the world are still reacting to the promotions by another franchise that now belongs to Disney. The Captain America: Civil War trailer is out, and with it comes our first look at Black Panther in action. Right off the bat, I must say, the movie looks a lot smaller in scale than anticipated, and aeons smaller in scale than the original comic arc Civil War. Considering where the MCU stands today in terms of scope and reach between its characters, I think that was the safe decision, which might well work out for the best.Here’s the trailer:

The Russo brothers are back for their second Marvel feature, both under the Captain’s name, and the smaller and more tense tone is evident from the very start of the trailer. This is clearly a Captain America tale, and not just another Avengers movie, despite almost everyone in the cast from Age of Ultron being present for the ride. It is a personal journey for Captain Rogers, who finds himself reunited with his old pal Bucky Barnes (as already known by anyone who watched Antman this year) and revolves around Steve standing up for him against some old and new faces. One of the old faces is that of General Thaddeus Ross (you may or may not remember him from The Incredible Hulk, which is still part of the MCU officially) who brings forth something similar to the Superhero Registration Act from the comics, in branding Cap and the others vigilantes, with support from S.H.I.E.L.D. The more personal battle however is evidently Captain’c conflicted loyalties to Bucky and Tony, both of whom he has come to call ‘friend’.

There is not much to be said of the other characters, except maybe for Black Widow who is also caught in a strange position with both the Captain and Hawkeye, both her friends and both on the other side of the battle. Although we do get our first glimpse of Black Panther, or T’Challa, the ruler of Wakanda, there is too little to make much of it, except that the suit itself is sleek and quite agile in appearance. It should be interesting to see how Spiderman, Vision and possible Antman will fit into all of this, but going by the minimal scale they are going for, I believe they will be little more than cameos.

It seems from the trailer that Cap is joined on his side by the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Falcon and Scarlet Witch, while the government side led by Iron Man includes Black Widow, War Machine and Black Panther. However, the sentiment that neither Tony nor Steve want to go to arms, and would much rather the other see their way is the constant theme in the trailer. At the hands of the Russo brothers, such tension and sort-of-family drama could be just what the third phase of the MCU needs – a film to fill that same serious, dramatic spot that The Winter Soldier filled in the second. Hell, we’re definitely not going to get this sort of realistic, political tone from Thor, so this is truly where the Russo brothers belong. The trailer comes to a close with my favorite shot for the full length, a wide shot of Bucky and the Captain pinning down and battering a weak Iron Man. Looks like we’re in for higher stakes, although not on the galactic level yet higher, for it is a clash between old friends.

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