‘Suicide Squad’ trailer – Villains are the coolest

With 2016 under way as the year of the comic book movie showdowns, DC has made the first move with its release of the first official trailer for its twisted addition to the genre, Suicide Squad. While the teaser that came before gave us a really gritty, action-packed face of the film, this one cannot wait to burst into a rock opera. Played to the fitting score of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, this trailer is sure to grab the crowds with its suave and poetic style:

Opening with a roll call for the members of the squad, it clearly wants the audience to care for these hardened and off-their-rockers criminals, getting the sympathy angle spot on. Showing us Deadshot being rundown by guards, the imprisonment of Captain Boomerang and the dousing of Diablo, the trailer begins on a slightly sane note with perhaps the sanest people on the Squad. The rainbow neon lights up on the logos, and as the beat picks up and as Freddie launches into the main verse, we see the darkly hilarious shots of the Squad members in prison which define the atmosphere for the rest. The general sense we get from this peek is one of ironically dark humor, something enhanced by the pauses in this brilliantly cut video and fitting well with the comics and characters.

An important thing this trailer lets us in on is that this definitely isn’t Joker’s movie, despite his capturing our attention the most. The relationship between the members of the Squad looks promising and full of energy. It is a coming together of the sane and not-so-sane that I am looking forward to with this film, and it looks like that’s exactly what we’re going to get. The few lines exchanged between Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg and Robbie’s Harley Quinn alone goes to show how unlikely a bunch they are, and how there are definitely going to be creases to be smoothed over. What more this shows us is that the writing for Suicide Squad is actually quite good, with the humor not resting solely on quips, but visual comic timing that is tuned perfectly. Let’s hope this is what the rest of the movie sounds like too, as the deranged jokes already have me hooked.

It is also clear that the film will go into the mythos behind most of its characters – that of Deadshot’s already referred in the teaser – with the many intriguing scenes stages in the trailer. There is definitely something mysterious about Katana’s katana (ha-ha) and definitely some more to the Joker-Harley romance. From Captain Boomerang’s continuous outbursts to Joker emerging with Harley from a tub of what appears to be chemical waste – something that ties to one of Joker’s many origins from The Killing Joke – this one has done a perfect job of heightening our curiosity while giving away close to nothing in terms of plot. It’s something The Force Awakens did right, and here again we have a sequence of images and lines enough to have us hyped for the movie, still leaving much to speculation.

It looks like Suicide Squad, aside from being a smartly witty film – hopefully – will also be a most gorgeous film, with well-framed and colorful shots decorating the length of the trailer. How can it not be, with that superb shot of Joker lying amidst an orchestra of weapons? Aside from the arresting visuals from within the movie, the team at DC have also gifted us a couple of very interesting posters, which you can find below. With my faith in Batman v Superman not having seen sunny days since its latest trailer, it’s good to know that David Ayer is around to give the DC Cinematic Universe that needed pinch of sugar, spice and everything not so nice.


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