‘Civil War’ trailer – And now, Spiderman

You just started a war‘.

While the comic book films of yesteryear had villains who wouldn’t step out of the comfort zone of world domination, both the heavy-hitters of today seem to be battling with the self, over accountability and blame. Captain America: Civil War brings with it stakes that are dearer, enemies who are old allies; and with the entry of Black Panther, Antman and a certain web-slinger, the Marvel roster is expanding more than ever.

Here’s the new trailer:

From the very first note of the track, the tone is set and you know what you’re in for is different from Avengers – a gloomier, contemplative and weary animal – keeping in line with what was established in The Winter Soldier by the Russo brothers, who were also at the helm for this one. It is a time of penance and reflection for the Marvel heroes, who are met by the government on the disastrous events that have surrounded their activities in the past, and with a proposition which divides Cap and Tony right off the bat.


It is the dichotomy of these well-developed heroes whom we have seen butt heads in the past that will make this film, both having shown in the past to be having distinctly different ideologies towards the establishment and their jobs. Yet, escalation is the key throughout this trailer, as we see a rubbing of egos not too different from that in Avengers develop into all-out war, until we see the divided factions go head to head. Shots are fired, punches are thrown, and War-Machines are taken out mid-flight, as we see the tussle escalate to global proportions, bringing into the foray the new leader of Wakanda, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), thief-turned-superhero Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Robin to Cap’s Batman, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).


This trailer, while serving us oodles of shots we have already seen, does not forget to make an attempt at the hype that is up for grabs. For one, the extended look at Black Panther and his physical fighting style in his round with Bucky was more than enough to sell me on the action in this film, an element the Russo brothers have proved themselves in, back in the second Captain America film. An even more delightful shot from the trailer was courtesy of Scott Lang and Clint Barton: if you are a comic-book fan, you would appreciate seeing Antman leap off an arrow and dive into battle. Given the fans already going ga-ga over the Arkham-like fighting style of Ben Affleck’s Batman, and now this, it looks as though we can hope for a future range of superheroes who do not fight like Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy.


Of course, the biggest takeaway from this trailer is indeed Tom Holland’s Spiderman, who appears at the very end, answering Tony’s endearing call ‘Underoos!’. Though only appearing for a brief minute, he made quite the impact with his dramatic entry, snatching Cap’s shield with his web. First off, the specific aesthetics of the suit – perhaps the first discussion about any new superhero appearance – do not clearly resemble any particular iteration from the comics, and Tom’s Spidey seems to have a far more minimalist design as compared to both Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s. The first impression one gets, especially with the bright red having very little web detail on it, is that of Nicholas Hammond’s suit in the show The Amazing Spiderman which aired in the 70s (shown above). But what gets us all excited for this one is clearly Tony’s contribution to the suit: the changing eyes, perhaps a wise decision made after the success of a similar emotional treatment for Deapool’s eyes. However, what makes this design important is in its convergence of various styles from the golden years of Spiderman comics, as in the trailer itself we see the influences of both John Romita Sr. and Steve Ditko. Overall, I can see a clearly divided reaction to this suit between those who grew up reading the classic comics, and those who grew up with the Sam Raimi movies, inviting unnecessary backlash from the latter.

Now that we’ve seen all the faces set to lock horns in May this year….wait, wasn’t Baron Zemo supposed to be in this one? What about Giant-Man? Oh, and there’s Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) and Crossbones (Frank Grillo) who are also presumably heavy players in this film, but of whose roles in this one we know close to nothing so far. With the amount of relationships the film seems to be juggling in Scarlet Witch-Vision, Black Widow-Cap-Ironman, Cap-Bucky, Ironman-Peter Parker and so many more, there is just cause for worry. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that the Russo brothers have proven themselves enough both on big and small screens as craftsmen of intelligent thrillers speckled with clever lines and laughs, and it isn’t a total gamble to bet on this one.

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