Recommendation – ‘Unbreakable’

You know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world. To not know why you’re here…. That’s just an awful feeling.

What’s it about?

David Dunn, a security guard searching for his purpose, is the sole survivor of a fatal train accident, from which he emerges unscathed. Following this incident, he gets contacted by a strange man named Elijah Price, who has a rare condition which renders his bones brittle and easily breakable. Elijah tells him that superheroes exist and that David is one of them, which he shrugs off. But as David starts to experiment, he finds himself the purpose he had been searching for, and learns that Elijah’s statements might not be so crazy after all.

Why watch it?

Most people know of M Night Shyamalan through The Sixth Sense, the movie with the most famous surprise ending which has become a household reference to even those who have never seen it. Unbreakable is a film more grounded in reality and characters, and, in my opinion, is easily the best of Shyamalan’s work to this day. Let’s start with the fact that this one came out way back in 2000, when the superhero genre was not yet a thing, but Bryan Singer’s X Men had just come out to ignite the fuse for the billion-dollar industry a.k.a Marvel-DC battlefield that it is today. Unlike any movie before or after it, Unbreakable has the raw force of a completely original story armed with an atmosphere that gives you goosebumps every time you return to it. Stepping around the cliches of origin stories seen before and since, and subverting the expectations of the audience at every turn, this is the very deconstruction of a superhero origin story, told with no familiar marquee-names or superpowers to get the crowds cheering. By distancing itself from the comic-book format for superhero stories, Unbreakable is able to pay more attention to its characters and their human relationships, drawn out through effortless, almost silent moments. Extremely well-written and endowed with a camera that has a life of its own, this is one film that is sure to leave a lasting impression, of a creative brilliance which is rare to come by these days.

Who made it?

Unbreakable is the brainchild of M Night Shyamalan, the Indian-American filmmaker, who wrote and directed it. A director known for making brave choices in storytelling – which may hit or miss – his other films include The Sixth SenseSigns and The Visit. David Dunn is played by Bruce Willis, and accompanying him are Samuel L Jackson as Elijah Price, Robin Wright as Audrey Dunn.

What’s the best part?

David’s son points a gun at him at breakfast, expecting the bullet to bounce off his chest. The kids pulling him out of the water when David goes all out on his first night of heroism. There’s the scene where Elijah chases after a man who could prove his beliefs in David. Great sequences, this movie’s full of them, and some I can’t even talk about without spoiling the film for you. Just go watch it already.

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