Best of 2019 in film – An excellent year for cinema.

It’s been over 2 years since I last visited this blog, an unfortunate consequence of having started work and having to pick between this and my other passion – illustration. However, with every new film I saw in 2019, I got that tingling feeling to write again, what with the long list of amazing films the year has gifted us, from all around the world. Especially at a time when the real world seems to be diving headfirst into the apocalypse – whether that be through genocide, disease or climate change – cinema as our most powerful art medium serves an important purpose, not just in opening up windows of escape, but also to make us feel more connected to each other.

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The Best of 2016 in Film – Dreamers, witches and nice guys.

It seems that the events of 2016 have birthed a new generation of cynics, and at the turn of the new year, all one can hear around are people crying over the horrible year that has passed. However, being one who prefers to count gifts over curses, I consider ourselves blessed to have received a stellar list of films, taking various different genres to stranger waters, and realizing the full potential of some others. Now while the movies that big franchises and studios have churned out were more in the form of financial investments than works of art, 2016 has witnessed masterpieces from global filmmakers and the independent categories. The following is the list of films that I think made the most of their run-time this year, and deserve to be seen by one and all. (This year, I’ve added suggestions of old movies similar in some way to each film on this list, so the doubtful ones can decide what to watch.)
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‘Civil War’ trailer – And now, Spiderman

You just started a war‘.

While the comic book films of yesteryear had villains who wouldn’t step out of the comfort zone of world domination, both the heavy-hitters of today seem to be battling with the self, over accountability and blame. Captain America: Civil War brings with it stakes that are dearer, enemies who are old allies; and with the entry of Black Panther, Antman and a certain web-slinger, the Marvel roster is expanding more than ever. Continue reading

‘Batman v Superman’ Final Trailer – Shots fired.

Now that we’re finally past the cinematic graveyard that is January, it’s time to come face to face with the long menu of blockbusters that 2016 has been cooking all this while. Perhaps the one most significant for the future of the comic book movie landscape, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been riddling us with as many trailers to celebrate as to be disappointed over. When you have a studio going all in on a single behemoth play that will prove decisive for DC’s Extended Universe plans as well as Marvel’s reign, it’s inevitable that all eyes are on the play (think: Bond calling Le Chiffre’s bluff in Casino Royale) being dared. Continue reading

‘Suicide Squad’ trailer – Villains are the coolest

With 2016 under way as the year of the comic book movie showdowns, DC has made the first move with its release of the first official trailer for its twisted addition to the genre, Suicide Squad. While the teaser that came before gave us a really gritty, action-packed face of the film, this one cannot wait to burst into a rock opera. Played to the fitting score of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, this trailer is sure to grab the crowds with its suave and poetic style: Continue reading

Best of 2015 in Film

2015, you whizzed by like the Millenium Falcon, but I’m thankful to you for making that reference timely again. Apart from giving a new hope to fans of a 38-year old franchise, the past year marks another milestone in churning out incredible feats on the big screen. We are now in the century where production houses stand in line to cash in on the classics of yesteryear: something that can only be accepted since the box office does not run on ideas. However, 2015 reassured audiences disappointed by Minions and Terminator: Genisys of the possibilities in sequels by breathing fresh life into old franchises through films like Creed and The Force Awakens. While Pixar, Tarantino and Spielberg proved yet again why classic formulas are called so, we also received films like Ex Machina proving that new ideas are far from dead. And with the news headlines as tragic across the board as they were last year, it is necessary to be thankful for these escapes from reality. Continue reading

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer – A little too much there

After the solid trailer from Captain America: Civil War came out of the left field last week, it was clear that DC would be highly unlikely to not put something out this week, to get the discussion back in its court. Today, surprisingly also on Jimmy Kimmel’ show, the new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has dropped like a meteorite into the masses of fans everywhere. Did it make an impact and answer a lot of questions way too many fan theories have been built around? Yes. Is it good? Well, see for yourself. Continue reading

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer – Tony v Steve

So today Marvel dropped something out of left field, especially when fans all over the world are still reacting to the promotions by another franchise that now belongs to Disney. The Captain America: Civil War trailer is out, and with it comes our first look at Black Panther in action. Right off the bat, I must say, the movie looks a lot smaller in scale than anticipated, and aeons smaller in scale than the original comic arc Civil War. Considering where the MCU stands today in terms of scope and reach between its characters, I think that was the safe decision, which might well work out for the best. Continue reading

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer – It’s calling to you, just let it in.

If you are/were ever a fan of Star Wars, I can assure you that this will help you find the way back. So the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens rolled around yesterday, and it is only now that I get time to sit down and talk about it. While one of the reasons is the busy schedule I’m on right now, but the more pressing reason I think, was that I couldn’t keep my eyes off this one. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, there’s really no point in pushing this any further: Continue reading

DC at Comic Con – Batman v Superman Trailer Review

I know I’m a bit late to talk about these trailers from the San Diego Comic Con, but after my hundredth time watching the Batman v Superman trailer, I was obligated to repeat the process another few times.  Last weekend saw San Diego’s population double in number and multiply in costumes as from all over the world, fans of comics, Star Wars and pretty much anything you can cosplay made their annual journey to their Mecca. Owing to Marvel Studios deciding not to attend this year, Hall H – which over the years has become notorious for exclusive filmfare – was marked for DC from the moment Zack Snyder turned up in the Batmobile to the welcome of fans who might stalk him for details on the film he’s helming. They’d best have brought their A-game too, the eyes that give purpose to the Con being as merciless as they are hungry. Continue reading