The Best of 2016 in Film – Dreamers, witches and nice guys.

It seems that the events of 2016 have birthed a new generation of cynics, and at the turn of the new year, all one can hear around are people crying over the horrible year that has passed. However, being one who prefers to count gifts over curses, I consider ourselves blessed to have received a stellar list of films, taking various different genres to stranger waters, and realizing the full potential of some others. Now while the movies that big franchises and studios have churned out were more in the form of financial investments than works of art, 2016 has witnessed masterpieces from global filmmakers and the independent categories. The following is the list of films that I think made the most of their run-time this year, and deserve to be seen by one and all. (This year, I’ve added suggestions of old movies similar in some way to each film on this list, so the doubtful ones can decide what to watch.)
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Best of 2015 in Film

2015, you whizzed by like the Millenium Falcon, but I’m thankful to you for making that reference timely again. Apart from giving a new hope to fans of a 38-year old franchise, the past year marks another milestone in churning out incredible feats on the big screen. We are now in the century where production houses stand in line to cash in on the classics of yesteryear: something that can only be accepted since the box office does not run on ideas. However, 2015 reassured audiences disappointed by Minions and Terminator: Genisys of the possibilities in sequels by breathing fresh life into old franchises through films like Creed and The Force Awakens. While Pixar, Tarantino and Spielberg proved yet again why classic formulas are called so, we also received films like Ex Machina proving that new ideas are far from dead. And with the news headlines as tragic across the board as they were last year, it is necessary to be thankful for these escapes from reality. Continue reading

The Best of 2014 in Film

The year 2014 has come to pass, and it sure has been a ride. I decided to follow through with last year’s resolution and start reviewing films online, and maybe it is for that reason, but I feel this year has been pretty generous with its produce of good films. Quite a number of surreal films, a director’s magnum opus twelve years in the making, a David Fincher film (I worship his portfolio), Nolan’s latest science fiction epic, two Marvel goliaths, and numerous career-changing performances together make this year one to remember. With characters ranging from a nun to a super-intelligent ape, there is much to talk about in this diverse list.
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