‘Supergirl’ – A Kryptonite Heart

[This is a guest post by Satchit Bhogle, an ex-fellow student at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences.]

Supergirl is a show with a lot of potential. A solo female lead in a superhero story is not a bet that many TV or film productions have been willing to take. Supergirl comes at a time when that may be changing, with Marvel’s Jessica Jones a critical success on Netflix and DC’s Wonder Woman film in production.

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An Ode to ‘Community’ – Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television

I know that I have not talked about television shows on this blog, but it is for times like these that exceptions exist. This might also be the most subjective post I’ve written on the site, what with it being my favorite show of all time, so fair warning. Community was more than just your average television show, and while that seems the most clichéd line to use for any show, this comedy series was the exact opposite of cliché. While other shows were going about shaping genres and taking TV to Hollywood-budgeted extravaganzas, Dan Harmon and the rest of the good people at Community were working out of a 90s budget (repeatedly facing the threat of cancellation) and watching wisely over all of pop culture. The television renaissance has left us with our pick of genres, from the mythical fantasies of Game of Thrones to the gritty realities of Breaking Bad, but in Community you will find every single one. No other show can boast of a zombie apocalypse episode, a Law & Order episode, pillows-and-blankets wars, a Pulp Fiction episode, numerous paintball and Dungeons & Dragons episodes, episodes in claymation, puppet animation, 8-bit animation and 90s cartoon animation all over the course of 5 seasons. Yes, Community dared to go where network television had never been before, and it went all in.
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